Monday, October 8, 2007

Fall into Shape-4 weeks later

So it has been about a month since I started my Fall goals. My goal for the next 4 months is to focus on being healthy. This means exercise and making healthy choices. It means making time for me and doing things that make me happy. So I will write a minimum of an hour day on my current work in progress. It also means to learn to deal with the stress I am faced with everyday on the job and not let it rule my choices with food and how I live my life. I thought I would try yoga, to see if it could help add to the exercise side of things along with the stress relief.

Will I can say I have not done any of my goals. I have let stress rule my life these last 4 weeks and have not focused on being healthy. I set what I thought were realistic goals and they fizzled out by week one. So taking a look at my goals the biggest impact has been stress. So I am going to tackle this area for the next three weeks. Hopefully the other areas will follow once I focus on overcoming this area.

I am going to take a break every day at work and walk around the building outside, rain or shine. I don't take many breaks and work way to many hours. Which leaves me burned out by the time I get home and leaves me very little time for myself and very grumpy with my family. I need to schedule time for myself and not let it be interrupted by work. I am going to locate a yoga class or a stress management class and schedule one of those in the next two weeks. I can not to let stress rule my life. I need to re-prioritize my life; take care of myself, my family, and then my job. My job pays the bills and it can't rule my life.

So how did you do on your goals that you made at the beginning of the year or ones you have set recently? What is the biggest hurdle or what helps you meet your goals?

Lyn Emerson


Jill James said...

I'm still working on my goal of picking up the pace once one book is done and starting a new one. A little break is good, this is getting ridiculous. LOL

Lyn Emerson said...

Jill, get in the chair and write. Do we need to do a plotting session to help you get into gear? Maybe a ploting chat session. I know it is hard to get in gear and I know you can do it.