Monday, September 10, 2007

Fall into Shape

Often we set new goals at the beginning of each year. I find that by April those goals are long forgotten. So I have decided to set goals with the season. This will be the first season that I start this process. I have been on quarterly goals at work for the last year or so and I find those much easier to accomplish then long term goals that may shift over the year.

So since we are starting to hit the time of year when food will be plenty, I have decided that I better start thinking about the shape I am in for my body but also the shape my mind and soul are in as well.

My goal for the next 4 months is to focus on being healthy. This means exercise and making healthy choices. It means making time for me and doing things that make me happy. So I will write a minimum of an hour day on my current work in progress. It also means to learn to deal with the stress I am faced with everyday on the job and not let it rule my choices with food and how I live my life. I thought I would try yoga, to see if it could help add to the exercise side of things along with the stress relief.

So are there goals that you made at the beginning of the year you have accomplished? Are you going to renew your goals that became long forgotten and set some new ones for the fall? What is your goal process?

Lyn Emerson
Black Diamonds Vice President


Jill James said...

Lyn, excellent idea to gear our goals to seasons! I started the year with the idea to finish my WIP and submit and I did that. So, my autumn goal will be to finish 1/2 of new WIP. Yeah! I love deadlines!

Virna said...

My goal is also to get healthy and exercise. And to take time away from writing to relax and just spend time with my family.

Lee said...

My New Year goal was to get in shape and write more. Well, it took me sometime to get into that, since I was battling thyroid problems all winter, but now, I'm on a roll...I've written more, and submitted to agents which was a goal of mine for the year...So I've accomplished some of what I wanted. But my family comes first and I love spending time with them, and always make room for them in my busy life. But it as my MS, it's always a WIP.

Lyn Emerson said...

Jill-Great goal, can't wait to see hear about how it went. Vira, good goals, we will have to keep in touch and encourage each other on being healthy and exercise. Lee- I think that is a good point everything is always a wrp and as long as we keep working it and moving forward we are doing the right.